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COVID 19 Information

As you are aware, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, health and safety whilst trying to continue our daily lives is paramount. For everyone's wellbeing, it has been necessary to implement changes to the practice. The following measures will be taken to ensure the safety of patients, staff and the osteopath in the practice.



For the osteopath;

-Temperature to be checked prior to starting a shift. If above 37.5 degrees on two consecutive readings, patients to be cancelled and osteopath to leave the premises.

-Hands and arms washed thorougly with soap and water prior to donning PPE.

-Mask (fluid resistant surgical mask) and visor worn during a treatment. Disposable gloves and apron also worn and changed between each patient (donning and doffing guidelines from NHS followed).

-No jewellery to be worn

-Hair tied back off face

-Outdoor clothing placed in storage box and clinic clothes to be worn until the end of the shift.



For the patient;

-A screening phone call to all patients the day before their treatment will assess whether treatment is appropriate and safe for all concerned.

-Notify Neals Yard or the osteopath if any COVID 19 symtpoms occur prior, during or within 48 hours after appointment.

-Temperature will be taken on arrival for appointment. If above 37.5 degrees on two consecutive readings, appointment will be cancelled and patient advised to go home.

-A mask is required to be worn once inside the Neals Yard store and throughout the treatment session.

-Leave opening of internal doors to the osteopath

-Handwashing or hand sanitising will be expected on entering the treatment room

-There will be a large storage box in the room which will have been disinfected, for patients to place their belongings in.

-Water bottles may be brought in if required.

-If possible, maintain a distance of 2m from other staff or clients within the communal areas of the shop and therapy rooms.



The treatment room;

-A towel for each patient will be provided to cover the couch, with disposable paper couch roll over the top. Pillows will have wipeable covers on them.

-All surfaces cleaned prior to shift and in between each patient appointment.

-Cleaning log will be completed within the room.

-Paper towels are provided but must be disposed of in the bin.

-Cream used from a pump dispenser

-Toys and books for the use of children have been removed from the room.

-15 minutes of ventilation and cleaning time will be maintained after each treatment.